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Fighting for the
Survival of the
Cow Moose

Our Story

Founded by Dan and Vivian Simmons in 2014, The Cow Moose Sign Project has evolved into a significant force in the advocacy of the survival of the cow moose and her offspring. We prioritize education and awareness in our community, our province and beyond.

The Cow Moose Sign Project is not for profit. The only investment to become involved, is the purchase of your cow moose sign(s) and brochures, available for pick up from Tl’esqox Tell-Tale Signs & Printing.

Signs may be put up on your own property or building – workshop, store, gas station, man cave etc. – wherever you want to display your support and spread the word.

A permit from the Ministry of Transportation is required if you wish to display a sign on government-owned roads or land.


Our Initiatives

Empowering communities and local leaders with knowledge and opportunities to spread the word

is at the core of our mission. We view our initiatives

as collaborative endeavors that foster connection

and strengthen the Cow Moose Sign Project.

Amplifying Voices

Collaborations and partnerships are integral to our work. We have worked tirelessly to broker new friendships with first nations organizations,  government, and the hunting community among others.

Unity in Action

Advocacy forms a crucial foundation of our movement. By uniting individuals and promoting informed action, we aim to create safer environment for the cow moose and the moose species.

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